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Style and Beauty

Trois Jours Boutique - Locust Valley, NY

Most women have had occasions when it was necessary to go from a casual outfit to a more elegant look without having time to go home and change.  How do we magically change from "casual" to "chic" with with no time to spare?
Marian Lippiello, the owner of Trois Jours Boutique located in Locust Valley, Long Island shows you how easy it is to change your look with minimal effort.
The outfits featured in this video are available at Trois Jours and can be ordered over the phone.  However, Marian loves to help women create their own unique "look."  If you happen to be in Long Island, call Marian and make an appointment -- she would love to have an opportunity to work with you.  Women who know women love Trois Jours Boutique.
Trois Jours Boutique,
 2 Birch Hill Road
Locust Valley, NY 11560

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