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Greening & Gardening

Memorial Trees for 9/11 - Part 2

Continuation of interview of Wayne Dubin -- Keeper of the Trees.   The first video, which was previously posted, can be found at:
9/11 was an important event in the lives of all Americans. Everyone remembers where they were when the planes hit the Towers. We remember the horror, the sorrow, the aftermath, and above all, we remember the victims and the bravery of our men in uniform. Ten years later, the sadness does not go away; the wounds are still raw, and perhaps for those of us who lived through the event, this will never change, and shouldn't change. Yes, life moves on, but as we move forward, it is important to remember and revere our past at the same time as we are building our future.

Our memorial for 9/11 must be respectful and tranquil. “Green Jenine" brings us an interview by Steven Kristoph of Wayne Dubin, Vice President of Bartlett Tree Experts. Bartlett Tree Experts are the "Guardian Angels" who have been nurturing and caring for the Trees that will be planted at the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero in New York City. The trees are being planted and cared for in Millstone Township, New Jersey.

These beautiful Swamp White Oak Ttrees are a very important part of the memorial site. They will provide shade and comfort to those who visit the site, be it the friends and families of the victims, or those who stop by simply to pay their respects. Trees represent rebirth and new life, and their sturdy trunks represent the strong will of our people to remember and to survive.

For more information on Wayne Dubin of Bartlett Tree Experts:

For more information on Steven Kristoph, of Steven Kristoph Nursery in Millstone Township, New Jersey:



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