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DACA - Important to Contact Your Congressional Representatives

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Trump bans transgender Americans from military service

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Mayor Ed Koch - His Legacy as Mayor of New York City

(In Part 2 of David Schwartz's interview with Mayor Koch, the Mayor discusses the past -- his accomplishments and his legacy.) 
Sadly, today we mourn the loss of former New York City Ed Koch.  The Mayor began contributing articles to the TOS50 website about a year-and-a-half ago.  He could always be counted upon to be direct and, more often than not, contraversial in commenting on what he believed in.  He was never shy about stating his opinions -- and as President Obama had occasion to learn, when Mayor Koch spoke, people listened -- most especially those of us who live in New York.
David Schwartz interviewed Mayor Koch on behalf of over a year ago.  It was a two-part interview.  In the second segment of the interview Mayor Koch discusses his legacy.  We believe it is most appropriate to feature that video again because we thought our members and our guests would be interested in what he thought his legacy would be. 
Although we didn't always agree with what the Mayor had to say, we at TOS50 will miss his honesty, his spirit and his wit.  Mayor Koch, may you rest in peace!
 Numerous articles written by Mayor Koch appear in the Profile section of the TOS50 website.   The following is one of many very recent contraversial articles he has written: 
To review Part 1, click here:

Today is: February 21, 2018 - 12:41am
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