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Style and Beauty

Conditioning Hair in the Summer Sun

  We use skin cream for the rest of our body, but what should we do for our hair?  Hair stylist Kiki Protopsaltis gives suggestions on how we can keep our hair healthy while relaxing under the summer sun.



    1 tsp virgin olive oil

    1 avocado

    1 tsp almond or soy oil

    1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt

    For brunettes:  3/4 cup black tea

    For blond or highlighted hair:  3/4 cup chamomile tea


Mix all ingredients together in a blender.  Wash your hair.  Put blended mixture on to your hair.  Massage your scalp and hair, then wet a towel with hot water.  Squeeze the excess water from the towel and wrap it around your head.  Leave the conditioner wrapped in the towel on your head for approximately 15 minutes.  Then rinse your hair well and shampoo lightly.




Kiki is a hair stylist at La Mirage Beauty Salon in Albertson, Long Island
She is also a talented artist who is the designer of the Mother Earth charm bracelet for sale at 


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