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Israel - Voting Crisis

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Our President is a Disaster

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We Say Goodbye to George H.W. Bush

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America Takes Pleasure in the Royals

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Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary was launched three years ago and much has happened since its inception. We have attempted to publish helpful information on health issues that affect us as we grow older (i.e., hearing loss, memory loss, eye care, weight loss, and so much more). We have enjoyed showing you important fashion items, such as different ways to wear a scarf and new styles in clothing and hair care. All of our videos and articles remain online on the TOS50 website for our members and guests to enjoy at their own leisure.  We're very proud of the fact that our Senior Book Club continues to be Number 1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


As we all know, time has begun to race by a lot faster than it used to. While TOS50 has much to celebrate, we also have been saddened by the unexpected passing of Deanna Morton, our Public Relations Guru who was most responsible for the early success that TOS50 was able to achieve, and more recently of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch who had become a weekly contributor to the TOS50 website. As we grow older we learn to appreciate more than ever before what is good in our lives -- as we also learn how to live with the sadness that comes from losing the people we love.


We have prepared a slide show that highlights just a few of the very many informational, inspirational, and entertaining stories and videos that are part of the website.


Thank you for helping us achieve success at


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