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Style and Beauty

Can We Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by various factors:  iron deficiency, stress, thyroid disease hormone loss (i.e., women going through menopause), the aging process, and, of course, a person's genetic makeup.  Additionally, many medications have hair loss as a side effect.  You should discuss hair loss with your doctor and try to determine why it's happening.
I recently noticed that a young client of mine had a round bald spot on her head.  I asked her if she was aware of it and she explained that this is a condition she has had in the past.  It was an emotionally difficult subject for her.  She has alopecia areata.  Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that is not contagious.   If you discover a bald patch on your head, you should immediately contact your dermatologist.
When purchasing hair products, keep in mind that alcohol dries the hair.  Use a mild dandruff shampoo if you have an itchy scalp, but be careful not to use products that contain alcohol.  Certain vitamins can be helpful in maintaining healthy hair.  You should always speak to your physician before taking any vitamins; however, the vitamins you might want to speak to your doctor about are:  iron, Vitamin B, a multivitamin containing biotin and zinc, foliate and there are new studies that indicate Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 might be helpful in controlling hair loss.
Kiki is a hair stylist at La Mirage Beauty Salon in Albertson, Long Island
She is also a talented artist who is the designer of the Mother Earth charm bracelet for sale at


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