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Style and Beauty

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Many people have dry frizzy hair.  The Brazilian Kerastin treatment will make your dry frizzy hair smooth and silky.  However, there is some controversy about this product and before having it done, you should be well informed on what to expect.
Keratin is a protein that we have in our hair, nails and skin.  Keratin will strengthen your hair and make it healthy.  However, formaldehyde is a preservative.  It's a chemical that is used often in cosmetics, nail polish, plastics, perfumes, and the list goes on and on.  Formaldehyde is everywhere.  According to the FDA, even with as small an amount of Formaldehyde as 0.02 percent, many people experience eye and throat irritation, and a detectable odor. 
Many companies produce Brazilian Keratin treatments.  Don't be afraid to ask questions of the hair stylist you are working with.  If you want more information on this treatment, check it out on the Internet.  One site that I found to be particularly informative was:  .
Kiki is a hair stylist at La Mirage Beauty Salon in Albertson, Long Island
She is also a talented artist who is the designer of the Mother Earth charm bracelet and other jewelry for sale "> 


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