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Signs of Climate Change

~Signs of Climate Change

The People’s Climate March this past Sunday was an exhilarating experience in NYC!  It felt great to unite with 300,000+ people for an urgent cause and make history.  On TV the march looked more like a street party than a protest, which is a testament to the organizers’ abilities to infuse a positive spirit into the march.  The early hours of the
march, however, were spent standing in one spot in sardine like conditions due to the great turnout.   There’s only so many times you can play I spy with your kids.

How do you keep your sanity when you can’t move an inch?  Enlist your kids to find the best signs and slogans out there.  So, here they are folks, the 20 most clever signs we spotted:

20. After Today Then What
19. Evolve or Dissolve
18. Climate Action Not Climate Gamble
17. Your Grandchildren are More Likely to Die from Climate Change than from Terrorism
16. Imagine if Trees Gave Off Wifi.  We’d Plant So Many We’d Probably Save The World.  Too Bad Trees Only Provide Us With the Oxygen We Need…TO LIVE!
15. Rich Kids Investing in the Next Economy
14. Hotties Against Global Warming
13. Nurture Our Nature Naturally
12. Change How We Live to Ensure We Can Live
11. Turn Up the Hope Not the Heat
10. The Best Unit of Energy is a Negawatt
9.   Dinos Did Not See the Asteroid Coming.  What’s Your Excuse?
8.   System Change Not Climate Change
7.   Let Solar Power Flower
6.   Have the Nerve to Conserve
5.   Keep the Oil in the Soil
4.   Don’t Be A Fossil Fool
3.   Solar Spares Polar Bears
2.   Earth Needs Some Likes
1.   There is No Planet B

For more information on climate change and other important environmental concerns CHECK OUT GREEN JENINE'S BLOG AT WWW.GREENJENINE.COM


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