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Separating Children From Their Parents

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Pre-K Educataion for President Trump's Grandson and Others

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Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch - A Sad Week in Israel

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Lesley Stahl: Trump admitted mission to "discredit" press

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Remembering our Heroes

When we were young conscription was a requirement.  Young men could not get a job if they were designated as "1A" in the draft until they had done their duty and served in the armed forces.  Consequently, whether it was Korea, peacetime, Vietnam or the "cold war" with Russia, men of our generation were either drafted or enlisted in one of the branches of the armed forces.  Women mostly stayed home and waited for our men to return home so we could "begin" our lives.

Times have changed.  Today we have a volunteer army and I have cousins who are proud to be part of this volunteer army.  However, if you're being called back for your third tour of duty it might not always feel that way.

Whether you served in the armed forces in time of war or peace, whether you were were on KP duty peeling potatoes or fighting on the front lines, you have been there to protect the United States, our dreams and our values.  Memorial Day Weekend may be the start of the summer vacation season, but more important, it is the day we honor those who died for our country, as well as those who served our country and our way of life.  We don't say it often enough ... THANK YOU!


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