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Electing Those Who Serve Us Well

Congratulations to Cory Booker and to the residents of New Jersey for having the sense to elect a senator who will be willing to both listen to his constituents and to compromise with his colleagues in Washington.  It was unfortunate that the election had to be held to fill the seat of another great American when Senator Frank Lautenberg passed away earlier this year.  Senator Lautenberg was the last WW II veteran to serve in the Senate. 

While we are all happy that the government crisis is finally over, even if just temporarily, we can only hope and pray that  some lesson has been learned and that we will not have to be going through another crisis in the too near future. 

I was babysitting for my 5-year-old grandson this morning.  He wanted to play with a toy that had fallen behind the couch.  I tried, but I was unable to move the toy on my own.  I asked my grandson to help me, and working together, we were able to achieve our goal and reach the toy.  He was happy and I was delighted to have an opportunity to speak with him about “teamwork.”  I couldn’t move the object alone, but with his help we were successful.  My grandson seemed to understand this important lesson in everyday living, and we, as voters, should think carefully the next time we have an opportunity to send someone to Washington -- like the smart citizens of New Jersey who elected a senator who, as Mayor of Newark, has shown that he knows how to work well with colleagues on both sides of various issues, we should strive to elect politicians who understand the simple concept of teamwork and the importance of compromise.


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