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DACA - Important to Contact Your Congressional Representatives

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Trump bans transgender Americans from military service

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Remembering the Exodus

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WTC - A Visit with Lee Ielpi, Co-Founder of the Tribute Center

In 2010, David Schwartz interviewed Lee Ielpi, the Co-Founder of the WTC Tribute Center in Manhattan on behalf of TOS50.  Since we are once again at that time of year when we stop to remember the victims of that attack and to honor the many brave heros of the New York Fire Department and others who lost their lives on 9/11, I thought it might be interesting to review that video once again.  Lee Ielpi's son Jonathan was among the many brave heros from the New York Fire Department who lost their lives on 9/11.

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Best Volunteer Opportunities Information

Baby Boomers and older seniors are very interested in volunteering their time to help others. Volunteer opportunities exist in various sectors within the non-profit world. Senior volunteer work covers the universe of philanthropy work. People who are retired search for a volunteer opportunity on various volunteer projects that are important to them. The retirement community believes that volunteer service is important and retirees spend time looking for a volunteer program that will allow them to be, most often, a community volunteer. Community volunteering is popular among seniors as it usually takes place near home and they do not have to travel very far to do their volunteer work. has an entire section designated to volunteer information. This section of the website concentrates on finding a volunteer group for everyone who is searching for volunteer places. There is a Volunteer Network available on the website and TOS50 members can volunteer online. Whether you are an artist, interested in being an art volunteer or simply someone who wants help and considers themselves a global volunteer you can view the volunteer videos available on the site. There are many volunteer events and charities to choose from.

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Under the umbrella of volunteer community service is new philanthropy. does not include videos that are specifically philanthropy videos; however, you can consider that all of the nonprofit organizations mentioned in the volunteer section of the website or the various medical organizations being spoken about in the Health and Wellness section are interested in Charity Philanthropy. You don't need donation companies to tell you that nonprofit organizations need money – most especially in the current economy.

Seek out the organization you would like to work for and then you can choose to give time, money or, perhaps, a little of both.

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