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Israel - Voting Crisis

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Our President is a Disaster

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We Say Goodbye to George H.W. Bush

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America Takes Pleasure in the Royals

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TravelExciting destinations and adventures

Trip to Petra

A friend and I visited Petra, Jordan a number of years ago. This is a slide show of photos I took while traveling from Israel to Petra, in Jordan, as well as photos of Petra itself.  

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Best Senior Travel Information

Baby Boomers and seniors do a lot of traveling. Senior travel is a big business in the U.S. Those of us who are on "the other side of 50" do international travel as well as travelling throughout the many wonderful destinations that exist throughout the United States. Having a good travel agent is helpful as a travel guide. The best travel is not always cheap travel. Price is certainly important but travel cruises are inexpensive and still very relaxing vacations. The website has a section that deals with travel vacations. The site offers great senior travel tips to various travel destinations. Summer travel is popular when doing family travel, especially when traveling with children and grandchildren.

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The website features some interesting suggestions for tour travel, world travel and adventure travel. Travel tourism is what many seniors like to do when planning holiday travel. Others are more interested in studying and going to school in different parts of the country or different parts of the world. Particular attractions travel is not the same for everyone. Mexico travel and Caribbean travel are popular destinations for those wanting to relax. The resort hotels seniors use have to be comfortable, not necessarily luxurious. Seniors are definitely interested in maintaining the planet so green travel is of high interest. Check out the travel videos on to find various attractions travel locations.

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