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Remembering our Heroes

When we were young conscription was a requirement.  Young men could not get a job if they were designated as "1A" in the draft until they had done their duty and served in the armed forces.  Consequently, whether it was Korea, peacetime, Vietnam or the "cold war" with Russia, men of our generation were either drafted or enlisted in one of the branches of the armed forces.  Women mostly stayed home and waited for our men to return home so we could "begin" our lives.

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TOS50.com has many featured stories. Our Senior News often includes Celebrity Profiles. Among our business profiles you will find Ira Sorkin (Ike Sorkin), Bernie Madoff's lawyer. Of course, Ike Sorkin was famous for other things as well; he was Executive Director of the SEC in New York in the 1980's. We have people profiles or a professional profile on the website for most of those we have chosen to write about. Our senior articles include information on senior health news and senior citizen news generally.

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