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The Olympics - American Pride

The Olympics - American Pride

In ancient Greece the Olympics took place on Mount Olympus where the great statue of Zeus presided over the games. The decision of where to hold the Olympics was never an issue. Only "men" who spoke Greek could compete – although there is some mention of one woman winning a competition. A cloak of mystery surrounds the ancient Olympics inasmuch as the games themselves were enveloped by myth and legend. The competition was tied to religion -- worship of the Gods. The games consisted of a series of athletic events where representatives from various city-states would come to challenge their opponents.
Without Zeus on Mount Olympus to lead us today, the site of the Olympics is as competitive as the games themselves. There are competitive opportunities for both men and women. Whatever myths and legends exist are promoted by a media anxious to publicize the athletes who attract the largest number of television viewers or who sell the most magazines or newspapers, whether it be for their photogenic qualities, their antics or their individual and group talents.
 There is one thing that hasn’t changed though, and that is the praise and adulation that we shower upon our champions. In ancient Greece the prizes for the winners were olive wreaths or crowns. Today they wear gold, silver or bronze medals around their necks. The fortunate athletes move on to huge endorsement deals which bring them fame and fortune.  However, then, as well as now, we praise them for the success they have achieved and as we move forward in time, future generations will continue to honor their accomplishments. 37 medals, how proud we are!


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