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Kim Davis - Altering Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis - Altering Marriage Licenses

I can still remember going with my then fiance (now husband) to get my marriage license.  It was an exciting day for us.  The fact that it is still a vivid memory so many years later is an indication of how important I felt it was.  I think many people feel the same way.  I find it appalling that anyone would choose to turn what should be a happy occasion into a media circus. 

I understand that there are those who think their interpretation of the bible would not allow for same- sex marriage or even same-sex partners, but this is now the law and whether you agree or disagree, you should obey the law.  From my perspective, who you choose to marry is your own concern.  It's hard for me to understand that anyone would feel they had a right to interfere with that decision and, certainly,  no one has the right to take the law into their own hands.  If you disagree with a law, you can try to work to change it.  Many of us did just that during the Civil Rights Movement.  We marched and we picketed and, rightfully so, the law was eventually changed and is really still evolving.  I'm not suggesting that the law should change in the case of same-sex marriage; what I am suggesting is that those who are upset with the law, for whatever reason, can find ways to protest that don't destroy what should be a happy occasion for those who are planning to marry.  

The following article is from NBC News:

 Kim Davis went back to work as a Kentucky county clerk last week after a stint in jail and a pledge that she wouldn’t interfere with deputies who were issuing wedding licenses to same-sex couples.

But in a court motion filed Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union said that she was doing just that.

After returning to her job on Sept. 14 as the Rowan County clerk, the filing said, Davis “immediately” began meddling with licenses that the office’s deputy clerk, Brian Mason, was issuing.

She “confiscated all the original forms, and provided a changed form” that didn’t mention Rowan County, the filing said. Nor did the new form mention her name or references to a “deputy clerk.”

Where Mason’s signature would appear, the filing said, there were initials.

The ACLU, which is representing several couples who are suing Rowan County, called this “significant” interference that has “violated” a federal court order and “resulted in material alterations to those licenses that render their validity questionable at best.”

The group is requesting that an older, unmodified version of the county’s marriage license be used.

In a statement, Davis’ lawyer, Mat Staver, said that she “has made a good faith effort to comply with the court’s order and has not prevented the issuance of marriage licenses by Deputy Clerks. While these licenses do not have her name on them, the Governor said last Monday they were valid.”

David Bunning, the judge who ordered Davis to jail earlier this month, also said licenses issued while “she was in jail without her name were valid,” said Staver the founder of Liberty Counsel, a group that promotes “natural marriage.”

The filing, Staver added, reveals that the ACLU’s interest is not in marriage licenses, but in hanging Davis’ “scalp” on “the wall as a trophy.”


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