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Unemployment rose in 43 states last month; 85,000 jobs were lost in December -- that is why President Obama is working towards a new job creation bill. “I think that I win when you win. That’s how I think about it,” President Obama stated.

The President has proposed an American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan to get things going in both the short and long-term. He is hoping for bi-partisan cooperation, something that has often evaded him in the one year he has been in office. “This isn’t about me, this is about you,” the President said, speaking to a Town Hall audience in Ohio. He said that in order to be successful, the bill must include tax breaks for small business hiring and for people who want to make their homes more energy efficient. President Obama was unable to get those items into a bill that was passed by the House within the past month.

President Obama acknowledged that people have seen jobs they expected to last forever disappear. “You’ve seen plants close and businesses shut down,” he said. The President believes that it is essential for us to create a new infrastructure to keep us strong and competitive going forward. “I won’t stop fighting for you,” he said. “I’ll take my lumps.” So where will the jobs be?

There is a trend towards growth in the healthcare industry. For example, occupations such as medical records, health information technicians, registered nurses, laboratory technicians and physical therapists are expected to show a pattern of continued growth. Jobs in the manufacturing sector have already slowed down and are expected to slow down even further. When the construction industry begins to recover (and it is expected to recover), jobs in the construction field will be available -- i.e., plumbers and electricians.

A good education is important. Skilled workers are in a better position to find a job. There should be a close collaboration between educators and employers to ensure that job training programs are geared towards workforce needs.


February 22, 2010 - 11:20pm

Al Cinamon

Your post gives new meaning to "double talk." You agree, but don't agree. You're for it, but you're not for it. There really is no dilemma. If you want to create jobs you must create a favorable environment for business to expand. And what makes you think that what our present government is doing is ethically, morally or fiscally sound? Destroying the public sector by nationalizing whatever he can get his hands on is neither moral nor ethical. And unless you believe in socialism its not fiscally sound either.

February 17, 2010 - 12:20pm


Al, I'm with you 100 per cent from my business side , and am against you from my non profit side, Amyloidosis Support Groups We won't even bring up my family side for this post; although it is affected by all of the sides. How do we get our cake and eat it too. If this is our dilemma we can only imagine what our leaders in government must be going through trying to please everyone while doing the right thing morally, ethically, and fiscally

February 4, 2010 - 4:26pm

Al Cinamon

This President is clueless or maybe he just doesn't give a damn. He thinks he can create jobs by giving businesses a $5000 tax credit. How naive! People don't hire for tax credits. They hire because they need someone to do the work. So, if there is no work there is no job. Furthermore, what good is a $5000 tax credit when hiring someone is going to cost the employer a lot more in wages and benefits. If he's serious about creating jobs, he should just provide meaningful tax cuts and remove regulations that inhibit growth. Just get government out of the way and let businesses thrive. In other words, follow the Reagan model. It worked.

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